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5 Wedding Band Ideas for 2018

You’re planning your wedding.  The date is set.  The reception venue is booked.  Now, what about the band?

Your wedding band is one of the most important components of the Big Day.  When it’s the right choice, you’ll know, because the floor will be packed all night and the evening will go off without a hitch, sending your guests home beaming.

And with CTO Music Artists, it’s always the right choice.  Our roster of wedding bands is the stuff of which your wedding dreams are made.  With polished professionalism, they fill the night with the sounds you want to hear, taking the stage by storm and setting the dance floor on fire.

At CTO, we’ve got it all.  Here are 5 wedding band ideas for 2018 that you need to know about.

1. CTO SoHo.

Imagine, if you will, a 10-piece band blowing the roof of the reception hall.  Your guests will thrill to the sounds of this tightly-knit ensemble and its Grammy-nominated bandleader, Brett Baker.

This exceptionally gifted group of musicians has supported the likes of Pharrell Williams and Eminem.  They bring you talent, energy, and skill that takes your wedding reception to another level.

2. CTO Grand Central.

The versatility of this band is legendary and with 6 accomplished vocalists in the group, you’ll be getting a show you won’t forget anytime soon.

Swing, soul and Top 40 hits are all in this amazing ensemble’s repertoire, bringing something for everyone to your wedding night.  Good luck keeping your guests in their chairs!

The keyword for this outfit is “experience”, but this well-traveled band also comes to your wedding with the kind of energy that’s capable of laying down a 7-hour performance (true story – Hagerstown, MD, 2011).

Get ready to be bathed in the harmonic stylings of three lead vocalists, intent on entertaining you until you can’t take anymore.

4. CTO Fifth Avenue.

Big. Bold. Bodacious.  This amazing group brings the noise that raises the roof at your wedding reception.  Famous for customizing every wedding they do to the tastes of the wedding party, these extraordinary performers bring their all to the stage and then give it to your guests.

With from 7 to 10 artists on the stage, Fifth Avenue brings a lush sound that fills the dance floor with smiling, happy guests.

5. CTO Groove Street Orchestra.

What?  A cello and violin in a wedding band?  You’d better believe it!  This incredible band brings the strings, wrapping that quirky touch around genres as diverse as classical and country.  How can you resist?

With great vocals and a snazzy front-man, this band is the ultimate party machine.  They’re not happy until the floor is so bumping that you can’t see it anymore.  They make every wedding they play an event to remember.

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These 5 Philadelphia wedding band ideas for 2018 are just the beginning, at CTO Music Artists.  Contact us, or register for our live showcase to see and hear what we’re talking about.  Raise the roof at your wedding reception, with CTO!