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The best summer 2017 wedding music

A summer wedding is a dream for many.  The weather’s fine, the days are long and the optimism of the season is tailor-made for tying the knot.

Choosing the best summer 2017 wedding music for your big day is part of the fun, as the two of you make a mental playlist for your reception.

CTO Artists is in the business of bringing your special day the very best in live entertainment and select talent.  We’re all about the music, so we’ve assembled a list of favorites from the best summer 2017 wedding music in heavy rotation right now.

Perfect, Ed Sheeran.

You’re getting married because you’ve found the perfect partner.  Ed Sheeran’s hit points out that “perfect” means different things to different people.  As you celebrate finding the person you want to journey through life with, this one is bound to fit the bill.

Bruno Mars (pretty much anything).

We don’t know what it is about this artist, but his music seems to find its way onto wedding playlists, year after year.

Wedding favorite, Marry That Girl has been followed up by monster hits like That’s What I Like and now, 24K Magic, making Bruno Mars the undisputed contemporary King of wedding reception dance floors, the wide world over.

Can’t Help Falling in Love, Beck.

Beck’s re-purposing of this classic tune has given a whole new generation of happy couples an opportunity for a first dance their parents may have danced to at their weddings.

We know you can’t help falling in love, so this new generation cover may be just the ticket for your first turn on the floor together.

How Does a Moment Last Forever, Celine Dion.

This lyrical, romantic song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fairly aches with emotion.  As you walk into your future together, you may not be the Beauty and the Beast, but this lovely offering may express the sweetness of the love your feel for each other.

Something Just Like This, The ChainSmokers and Coldplay.

This one’s for the realists – those walking toward the altar with their eyes wide open.  They know marriage is no fairy tale of endless bliss.  Rather, it’s about two flawed people who love each other and are willing to overlook all the warts to spend their lives together.

Love me Now, John Legend.

Marriage is the beginning, but we all know that “eternity” really means one of us will leave this earth before the other.  John Legend’s beautiful ode to the temporal nature of life and love speaks to the immediacy of love as a “right now” reality.

The best in wedding music from CTO Artists.

These are our selections for the best summer 2017 wedding music.  CTO Artists offers select talent which makes your wedding celebration unforgettable.  For almost 30 years, we’ve been the wedding talent provider of choice from the Northeastern USA to Florida, to California and beyond.

If you want your wedding to live in the memories of your guests for years to come, contact us.  We’ll make sure it does.