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Building Your Own Personal Wedding Soundtrack

Love is the best part of living.  It’s what makes this crazy rollercoaster ride worthwhile.  At what’s more evocative than music to give your love a shape?

The world is full of love songs in every language known to humanity, but you and your love have a special language, all your own.  Your language is heard in the words and music of only the most select handful of songs.

These are the songs you desire as your wedding soundtrack.

Building your own personal wedding soundtrack is one of the first acid tests of your lifelong partnership.  Your partner may be hot to hear AC/DC, while you melt to the dulcet tones of Ella Fitzgerald, or Frank Sinatra.

No worries.  Our entertainers cater to all tastes.

With CTO, building your own personal wedding soundtrack is a cinch.  We speak the language of love, even if you think it’s your little secret.  Because we’ve been providing memorable wedding entertainment since 1987, we have 30 years’ experience as expert interpreters.

Love notes.

Every love is unique, so every personal wedding soundtrack is different.  While the song of the moment may strike a chord with some, your story is yours alone and that story is accompanied by music.

Your wedding should accurately reflect the singular texture of the tale of how you two decided to be one.  The notes sounded at your wedding should tell that tale, bring a joyful tear and shepherd you into a life shared in love.

The moment you met – what was that song playing?  The night you committed to a life together, or the day your eyes met and you knew – these are the moments when the notes of love are sounded, no matter where you are.

And if there was no music playing?  A song no doubt came to mind, as you realized that this was for keeps.

Curating your story.

CTO Artists has been bringing love stories like yours expert curation for 30 years.  We partner with you and your band to ensure that your story is told to the letter, with the words and music which most evocatively relate that story.

From the sweetness of classic love songs, to the contemporary stylings that witnessed the blossom of your love in first bud, CTO’s professionals offer playlists to satisfy even the rarest of musical tastes and give shape to the most sweeping epics of undying love.

Our artists are the troubadours of your great love story, telling it in song, movement and energetic showmanship that brings you and your guests the joy of celebration in music and dance.

CTO joins you on a journey of celebration, curating your story in words and music that reveal to your guests the depth and breadth and dizzying height of your love.

CTO – building with you.

If you’ve got a date, it’s time to contact us for the very best wedding entertainment in the Northeastern USA.  We’ve celebrated weddings from Pennsylvania, to California, from Florida to Jamaica and beyond.

Contact us.  We’re waiting to tell your story.