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Christmas Party Bands: Live Music to Get Your Office Party Swinging

It’s that time of year we all love.  It’s the Holidays and that means office Christmas parties and festive fun.  Now’s the time to book Christmas party bands for live music to get your office party swinging.  At CTO Artists, that’s what we do.

Our roster of live bands has been assembled from a selection of seasoned, professional artists who bring you polished performances, an outstanding selection of music and the makings of a Christmas party you and your colleagues won’t forget any time soon.

“Everyone had a great time and we danced all night!”

Natalie, Philadelphia, PA

Dance the night away.

There’s nothing like live music to get your office party swinging.  A DJ is great, but is there anything more energizing than live music?  There’s something about driving bass and the vibe of live music that gets everyone excited.

And there’s nothing more thrilling than one of CTO Artists’ exceptionally gifted party bands.  From the Rat Pack to Beyonce, they bring you well-rounded, extensive playlists that keep the dance floor bumping.

Even if you think you can’t dance, your body will tell you otherwise when the first notes of that first song of the evening ring out.  You’ll need to get out there and move!

Served hot and fresh.

Your office party gets the injection of the groove it needs when you call on CTO.  Imagine the delight of your colleagues when the band takes the stage, ready to serve up the music they love, hot and fresh.

CTO’s Christmas party bands are made up of people who make music for a living.  These aren’t garage bands, or weekend pick up bands.  These bands work together throughout the year, so you know you’ll be hearing the kind of quality you expect.

We love to exceed your expectations at CTO.  For 30 years, we’ve been creating memorable events for people all over the Northeastern USA, California, Florida and beyond.  With over 10,000 parties and events under our belts, our track record speaks for itself.

Our bands.

A CTO band doesn’t just show up, set up and play.  The bandleader works with you to ensure your evening goes off without a hitch and that your group hears the music it loves.  CTO Artists make sure your dance floor is crowded with revelers all night because our bands are all about you and your Christmas party.

But your bandleader is also your musical concierge, helping you with logistics among other event vendors.  With CTO in the house, your evening comes off without a hitch, because everyone’s on the same page.

Merry Christmas, with CTO.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Let CTO Artists make it even more wonderful with Christmas party bands playing live music to get your office party swinging.

CTO’s name is synonymous with quality and professionalism, with hand-selected artists who create the conditions your office Christmas party needs to be one for the history books.

Contact us to discover the very best in live music for your office Christmas party.