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CTO Artists Played Three Wedding Receptions in Philadelphia & New York

CTO Tribeca Rocked out Mike & Taylor’s wedding at “The Lucy” by Cescaphe in Philadelphia!

I have to say that their guests were the most energetic we’ve seen this year!! Not only was the brand spanking new venue in Philadelphia absolutely stunning, but you also got that amazing service from Cescaphe, and it’s always such a pleasure to work with them. Rick, our Cescaphe contact, was beyond helpful in providing the necessary cues to make sure everything ran smoothly. The dance floor was packed all night, so much so, that Grace from Asya Photography, had to share space with us on the stage to capture those exciting moments as the dance floor was at capacity! Mike and Taylor looked amazing and it was so great to see them right in front dancing the night away. We are beyond honored to have shared this special night with them. Thank you for choosing us!

Wedding Vendors:
The Lucy – Cescaphe
Asya Photography

CTO Park Central Partied all Night at Kimberly and Matt’s Wedding at the Burlington County Agricultural Center on 9/14!

Although we were in a huge outdoor barn, the space at the Burlington County Agricultural Center  very simple, earthy and cozy. The added greenery, lighting and floral arrangements made that possible. Before the reception even started the father of the bride came over to us and told us to take off our heels and perform in our flip flops because he wanted us to be comfortable. I knew at that point it was going to be a great evening. Dinner was served family style and the audience clapped throughout the first and main course performances. You really felt appreciated. The crowd encircled the bride and groom for their first dance to Tennessee Whiskey. Their special request was to end the evening with the last song “Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James. This was a first for us as a band and for me singing the song. I’m thankful for this request because I fell in love with the song and will continue to perform it. During the song, everyone was on the dance floor and when it was over the thunderous applause and shouts let us know our hard work paid off. The photographer approached us afterwards and said she’s heard many bands over the years, but we were “the best she’s heard in many years.

Wedding Vendors:
DFW Event Design
Sensational Hosts Catering
Suzanne Senhenn Photography

CTO Grand Central Played at the Hayden/Chaney Wedding on 14 September 2019 Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, NJ

We arrived early as this was CTO Grand Central’s first time at the Flanders Hotel. We were immediately greeted and taken care of by the two parking attendants for the hotel. They had a live piano and a sax player in the lobby where the wedding guests enjoyed cocktails to their classy sounds. This crowd was ready to party. Joanne, the maitre d, was very helpful and explained that the party would transition between two rooms since the dining room was separated by a wall of doors that opened up into the main ballroom. Karen, The Director of Catering, was also there to help as we played “September” as the transition song to move the guests from dining to the ballroom. This plan worked as she intended, with the bride and groom entering the room smiling ear to ear. They had so much energy that we knew right away the party was on! Their first dance was beautiful – such a fun couple – and they knew how to enjoy each other. The way they danced and looked at each other made it seem like they were the only ones in the room. Dinner went very well, Bright (our lead male vocalist) sung a bunch of their favorite song requests accompanied by acoustic guitar. The bride and groom stopped eating to dance to one of their very favorite songs. After dinner, the party became very energetic and dance floor was packed all night. What I might remember most about this evening was the cake cutting. Yes, one of the least suspected memorable events of the evening was a spectacle. They chose “Love You Madly” by the band Cake. We were riffing instrumentally for a while as they set up for the cut. Then Bright started singing the first verse. People were gathered around the cake and left about 6 feet of open area. The groom put the knife down, grabbed the bride’s hand, started singing at the top of his lungs and dancing with his bride energetically! Everyone watched in awe. It was a moment of smiles, silliness and true love so clearly present I will never forget it.
Bandleader, CTO Grand Central

Wedding Vendors:
The Flanders Hotel
Sean Marshall Lin Photography