CTO at Philadelphia Cricket Club 11/9/19

CTO Grand Central went wild at Philadelphia Cricket Club for the wedding reception of Erik and Meredith Moeller. From beginning to end, we had the guests dancing, from the tiny young ones to the old.

There were a few very memorable moments – the bride asked us to sing happy birthday to her very sweet friend Maggie, who hugged our singer Bright with tears in her eyes at being so honored.

Erik and Meredith were low-key, easygoing people, but that didn’t stop them from spending every spare moment on the dance floor – and neither did Erik’s adorkable dance moves.

They had great taste, too – Elton John for the first dance, Chris Stapleton for the cake cutting, and more time spent dancing than standing around listening to toasts. These newlyweds came to party, not to be big shots.

We had a great time, as always, working with the staff at PCC, and can’t wait to return.


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