wedding couple having their first dance

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CTO Grand Central at the Philadelphia Cricket Club

CTO Grand Central has been at the Philadelphia Cricket Club any number of times before. It can be a challenge – the stage is tight and echoey, the room is big AND divided, and it’s hard to be heard everywhere. Thankfully, we came prepared, and it didn’t hurt that our clients Kierstin and Peter were absolutely amazing! The groom had a background in music and a very laid-back approach to enjoying the evening. He made our job easier. His bride was a joy, too – they both danced the entire evening. Their family (as the best man made a point of reminding everyone) was loud and ready to party. This wedding was marked by excellent taste in music (a first dance by Dan Auerbach, a parent dance by Ben Folds) and a high-energy crowd. Whether they were doing the skank (that’s a dance move!) with Bright in the center of the crowd or singing along to every single word of a Journey hit, it felt like we were playing an arena.

And judging my the number of guests who came up after to thank us … they felt the same way!