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Entertainment Trends for Weddings in 2018

Entertainment and weddings are a natural fit.  Everyone’s in a celebratory mood and ready to party.  The happy couple walks into its bright future, billowing clouds of bliss and trailing clattering soup cans tied to the back bumper, as they ride off into the sunset of singledom.

That calls for some entertainment!

Entertainment trends for weddings in 2018 reflect a changing social landscape (including social media) and new horizons in keeping your guests smiling.  Let’s talk a walk through what to expect for 2018.

A bombastic band.

The wedding band isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, live bands are more popular than ever at weddings, as we move into the new year.

There’s nothing like live music to get your guests moving and grooving.  Keeping the dance floor full is the secret, so if you’re getting married in 2018, you’ll want to hire a bombastic band to raise the roof on your wedding reception.

Flower power.

The traditional flower arrangements, wedding party flowers, corsages and table centerpieces continue to be part of most weddings, but flower power takes on a whole new meaning in 2018.

Picture yourself walking through an arch covered in seasonal flowers at the entrance to your church.  Floral artists are creating the equivalent of living sculptures with these extravagant additions to wedding flower power.

Flower walls are another popular trend in weddings for the coming year.  Photograph your guests as they arrive, before a wall exploding with fragrant blooms.  Co-ordinate them to your other floral elements for an integrated, stylish look.

Social media.

Happy brides and grooms-to-be are taking to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share their wedding journeys.  They’re using social media to connect with invited guests, as well as distant family and friends.

From the super-secret final dress fitting, to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, to agonizing over where to register, you can share your unique wedding story on social media as a permanent artifact which will grace cyberspace with your special day for eternity.

Encourage guests to post their photos and videos of the wedding on your platforms, as their perspective casts the event in a completely different (and often humorous) light.

Honoring culture.

Now more than ever, couples are organizing their weddings around cultural themes.  Scotsman marrying a Mexican?  Kilts, bagpipes, sombreros and banda music (but hold the haggis and opt for a taco bar, instead).  Frenchwoman who’s fallen for a subcontinental heartthrob from South Asia?  Chanson, haute cuisine and jasmine blossoms come to mind, with perhaps a side of something spicy!

Culturally themed weddings are on the map for 2018, so let your cultural traditions do the talking.  Celebrate your twin heritages!

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