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How Much Does A Philadelphia Wedding Band Cost?

CTO Philadelphia Wedding Band

Your Philadelphia area wedding venue is booked and you’re ready to move forward with the most important entertainment aspect of your wedding – the music. A live band is an unbeatable way keep your guests dancing all night. CTO has you covered for the band’s lighting services and sound system – but how much should you expect to budget for your wedding band cost?

CTO’s band rates range between $5,500 – $13,500. Here are the main factors that affect wedding band prices:

Your Date

Prime wedding dates will increase the cost of the wedding band. Generally, wedding season begins in the late spring and lasts through fall, with peaks in the months of June and September. A winter wedding is usually considerably cheaper, due to lower demand. The day of the week the wedding falls on also factors into the cost. Fridays and Saturdays need to be scheduled in advance because they book faster. Therefore, having your wedding on a different weekday (particularly in the winter) could be a way to get a better deal on a band.

Your Location

The distance the band needs to travel to your venue also needs to be considered. While based in Philadelphia, CTO bands have entertained guests across the country. Travel time to the gig and back and a potential overnight stay needs to be factored into the final cost.

Band Selection

The number of musicians and vocalists you would like to perform on your big night also affects pricing. Depending on how big and the depth of the sound you are looking for, there can be up to 10 musicians on stage. Looking for a different sound? CTO also offers professional DJs and String Quartet packages.


The length of time you would like the wedding band to play also impacts price. Consider how many hours you’ve allotted for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Some bands play for a pre-determined amount of time and additional fees apply for longer hours. Other bands will charge an hourly fee. For CTO Entertainment, four hours are included in the rate. If you would like the music to go on longer, overtime is prorated based on the band’s four hour price.

Additional Costs

Depending on your preferences, there may be additional costs to consider. For example, if would like the band to perform any songs not already in their repertoire, it may cost extra for them to learn the new tunes. CTO bands already know most popular songs across the decades and we will include up to two complimentary new songs!

Now that you understand the costs, are you ready to meet our bands at a live showcase? Contact us today!