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How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost in Florida?

Have you ever been to a wedding reception without music? I doubt you have, but you’ve probably been to a wedding where the music selection was poor or boring.  So, you must know how important the choice of music is for your wedding. The music sets the tone for the whole reception. You want your wedding reception to be a celebration of the love you feel that day.  That’s why you should take the time to consider a wedding band for the occasion. Hiring a wedding band can add a level of a personal spin on the entertainment but also can add to the price. Generally, live wedding bands are more expensive than DJs, but what exactly does a wedding band cost and what are you actually paying for? Do wedding bands bring their own equipment?  How long do they play for? Keep reading to get some answers about wedding band costs in Florida

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How much does a band cost for a wedding?

According to, a wedding band can cost between $600 and $10,000. This is a large range, but this reflects the huge variety of wedding bands that are available to book. Lower cost bands are smaller with fewer members and usually are more casual, playing at bars on weekends and coffee shops on weekdays.  The median cost of a band is about $4,000. These bands are usually full-time professionals. They may pay for promotional materials, have a website or social media page, and own their own equipment. Bands that cost more have a greater number of band members or could even be full orchestras! Either way, they are serious professionals.  They play exclusively at weddings or galas, have their own equipment and insurance, and have an extensive resume. So, like any other product, you get what you pay for. The wide range of prices means you can choose the quality and type of entertainment that fits your budget.  

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What should a wedding band cover (lights, speakers, etc)?

All wedding bands will show up with their own instruments and microphones.  The equipment that a wedding band is responsible for bringing depends on how much you spend.  Usually, wedding bands that charge less require you to provide things like lights and speakers.  The exact equipment that wedding bands cover will vary from band to band so you need to confirm what equipment they need before booking.  

How long should a wedding band play for?

Florida wedding band cost will depend on not only the size and professionalism of the band but also how long you want them to play. Usually, wedding bands are booked for about 4 hours after the reception.  If you would like them to play longer or play during cocktail hour, it will cost extra. Of course, these times should be agreed upon with the band before booking and will vary from band to band. Don’t forget that the wedding band cost will include time for the band to take breaks as well.  The number and length of breaks will be agreed to before booking. Usually, wedding bands will have one member stay behind and play while others take a break so there isn’t complete silence. 

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How much do cover bands get paid?

Cover bands get paid different amounts for different types of gigs.  For a night at the local bar, a cover band can expect to take home $300 to $500 dollars per gig, according to musicians interviewed for  However, the wedding band circuit can be more profitable. Most wedding bands are cover bands because people are more likely to get out on the dance floor with songs they recognize and enjoy.  Therefore, the average wedding band cost in Florida is about the same as the average cover bands get paid or around $4,000 for a small group, and for a more full sound with many band members who can provide a wide range of music, you’ll pay several thousand more.