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How To Choose A Live Wedding Band In Philadelphia

A live wedding band will (literally) play a huge role in your wedding night that you’ll never forget. According to a Wedding Wire survey, reception music was one of the most important aspects of the entire event – “Nearly half of wedding guests said they care about having good music at a wedding.”

You’re already taking the right steps by researching how to choose a Philadelphia Wedding band. CTO Artists will share what should be at the top of your wedding band checklist.


Ideally, you’re doing research on Philadelphia wedding bands 9-12 months before your wedding date. Band schedules book quickly and availability can affect the price (check out our blog – How Much Does a Philadelphia Wedding Band Cost to find out why). Additionally, you should already have the venue set and a solid idea of the guest list. Now, let’s consider the details.


It’s your special day, so you’ll want to hear the music that you know and love. Think about you and your partner’s personal musical preferences. Then, consider how you experience music together, such as past concerts or shows you’ve enjoyed. Make a list of the songs you love and check if there is a common genre – is it rock, pop, or a mix of everything? No matter the genre you’re looking for, you should expect a level of professionalism for a poised, polished sound.

In addition to your personal music choices, you need to take into consideration what your guests will enjoy. Your younger cousins will probably be dancing to different songs than grandma. Regardless of the average guest’s age, there are some universal song choices that can entertain everyone.

Selecting a band with professional experience in various musical backgrounds adds flexibility and variety to your song choices. CTO Artists bands are composed of career musicians and singers that perform at events for a living. Our bands are seasoned performers with massive playlists and years of experience, suited to match everyone’s musical preferences.


Think about the venue and atmosphere you’ve planned for your wedding. If you’re hosting the reception in a historical building such as the Powel House in Society Hill, it’s important to know the rules. In this case, the iconic mansion doesn’t allow amplified bands or DJs. Once you’ve confirmed a live band is approved for the venue, determine the sound you’re looking for and if it will match with the theme. Are you looking for a jazzy vocalist or a deep, loud emphasis on brass instruments? Our blog post, Matching Your Musical Style To Your Wedding Theme, can provide further insights.

Hear the band live

A showcase is the perfect way to try it before you buy it and many wedding band companies offer free live showcases. We would highly suggest attending one to catch a glimpse of how your preferred band performs and to understand their stage presence. If you’re unable to attend one, the next best thing is to watch a video of the band performing live. Either way, it’s extremely beneficial to know what to expect before the band steps on stage at your wedding.

CTO can help

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of a wedding, so selecting a top notch Philadelphia band is crucial. By planning ahead and considering the different aspects of the selection process, you’re already on track to lock in the perfect Philadelphia wedding band.

CTO offers a variety of professionally trained bands to make your wedding unforgettable. To book one for your wedding, tell us about your event today.