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How to plan a Florida Beach Destination Wedding for 2020

2020 is the start of a new decade and an excellent year to marry your soulmate in. If you want somewhere sunny, warm, and filled with palm trees, consider a Florida beach destination wedding. Destination weddings are fun and exciting for the bride, groom, and guests. Florida is a fabulous destination for a wedding and we are going to explain how to have the most beautiful Florida beach destination wedding.

How much is a Destination Beach Wedding in Florida?

A destination beach wedding can cost anything from $1,000 to $10,000. There are many different variables that can fluctuate the cost of a wedding. Some of the heaviest weighing variables are the number of attendees. The more guests that are invited to the wedding means more meals to purchase. Another huge variable is whether to have an open bar or cash bar. With a cash bar, the guests are responsible for paying for their own drinks. Lastly, the decision to have a band or DJ can change the price. A DJ is usually less expensive and easier but a band is more entertaining.

Where is the Best Place to Get Married in Florida?

There are numerous beautiful places for the perfect Florida beach destination wedding but Naples is the best. Naples is located on Florida’s Southwest Coast so it is very easy to catch a beautiful beach sunset in Naples. Naples’ beaches feature white sand and calm turquoise blue water. The city has plenty for wedding guests to do, specifically golf and shopping.

What is the Best Beach to Get Married on in Florida?

Marco Island is another favorite beach to marry your soulmate on in Florida. Marco Island is a barrier island a short distance south of Naples. Marco Island is the quintessential wedding destination. There is no shortage of wedding venues or beautiful views. The weather in this Florida beach destination is almost always beautiful and sunny, with breathtaking sunsets all year round. Guests can fly into Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers, less than 50 miles from Marco Island.

Do you Pay for Guests at a Destination Wedding?

It is up to the Bride and Groom if they want to pay for some or all of their guests’ destination wedding expenses. In most destination weddings, the Bride and Groom do not pay for their guests’ flights, accommodation or additional expenses. Since the additional expenses are not paid for, wedding invitations are usually sent out much farther in advance compared to a non-destination wedding. Sending the invites in advance gives guests the opportunity to plan and sometimes save money to attend the wedding. It is recommended to send save-the-dates approximately one year in advance, followed by formal invitations 3 months prior to the wedding. The Bride and Groom will normally reserve a hotel room block for guests. In some cases, they can acquire a room discount based on the number of guests staying at the hotel.

How do you Plan an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding?

It can be very rewarding and fun to plan an all-inclusive destination wedding. First, pick a warm destination and an exciting resort. Next, reach out to the resort and learn about the all-inclusive wedding packages they offer. Once you pick a package, your wedding planner will take care of almost everything. It is important to send out detailed wedding invitations regarding how to reserve rooms. Once you arrive at the venue, you will need to have a tasting menu and finalize any last-minute details. Once the big day arrives, you can enjoy your day with all your loved ones.

How do you choose a Band for a Destination Wedding?

The band is the main entertainment for a wedding so it is very important to choose a lively and sensational band. When choosing a band, make sure they are experienced and they have performed at weddings before. You should definitely make an effort to see and listen to the band live before you choose them to perform at your wedding. Inquire if they are performing at any public events, such as a charity event or festival. Additionally, make sure you trust them and they understand the music and experience you expect them to deliver.

Why choose CTO for your Naples Florida Destination Wedding?

CTO specializes in dream weddings. Their world-class entertainers have been entertaining wedding guests for over 30 years. CTO will work with you to have the most amazing Florida beach destination wedding. In Naples, CTO is regarded as one of the most entertaining Florida wedding bands. Pick CTO for your Naples wedding so you can have the best night of your life!