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Important Questions to Ask Your Philadelphia Wedding Band

Are you getting married and in the midst of planning a wedding in the Philadelphia area? You must know by now how important the music choice is for the reception. Don’t hire a Philadelphia wedding band without being clear on expectations! The best way to ensure you will have the wedding reception run smoothly is to communicate with band members, so you know exactly what to expect and you’re getting the Philadelphia wedding band you really want. If you’re ready to hire a Philadelphia wedding band for your big day, keep reading to get an idea of the kind of questions you need to ask.

How long has the band been together, playing professionally?

There is usually a difference in price between casual diggers and professional bands, but make sure to explicitly ask how long the band has been playing together and how long they’ve been playing professionally as artists.  You don’t want amateurs to show up on your special day. Philadelphia wedding bands with lengthy professional experience can ensure your big event runs smoothly, and everyone at the reception feels represented by the music in some way.

Do all band members live in the Philadelphia area?

This question can be important to ask for logistical reasons. If the members of your wedding band are local, you have a better chance of getting to meet them in person to ask your questions. Additionally, if the band members are local, you have to worry less about them showing up on time to set up and play on the big day. A local band can also be an advantage to your budget because you will not need to worry about band member’s travel expenses.

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How many songs does a wedding band typically play?

How many songs you want your Philadelphia wedding band to play depends on the length of your reception. Consult with the potential band by asking how long their typical setlist is, how many breaks they take and if songs are played in breaks, and how many go-to songs they have versus how many songs you should request.  You can ask how many songs in each genre (aka party starters versus slow dances) they will play. Most Philadelphia wedding bands will let you request songs and customize the setlist so that it works within a certain timeframe.  

Does the band play during the reception only?

Are you expecting the band to play for just the reception, or are you hoping to book a Philadelphia wedding band for the ceremony as well?  Often weddings will incorporate a processional and recessional song at the ceremony. It’s important to ask your potential Philadelphia wedding band if they have experience with this or if they are willing to play at your ceremony or after-party in addition to your reception.

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What questions should you ask a Philadelphia wedding band?

There are many more questions you can and should ask your potential Philadelphia wedding band. Specifically, there is an extensive list of questions you should ask about pricing, song choice, equipment, and other logistics in order to be fully prepared. The more you ask, the more prepared you will be on the big day, and the less you have to worry about any mishaps. Take a look at here for more ideas of what you should ask your Philadelphia wedding band.