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Keeping your wedding current.

It’s your wedding, so you want your music.  You want to hear the songs most meaningful to you and get your nearest and dearest fired up on the dance floor, too.

That’s why the band you hire for your reception is so important.  You’re creating a night everyone will enjoy to the fullest and remember for years.  This night is the start of your new life with your other half and that’s huge.

A living jukebox.

The most important job of a wedding band is to play the music the bride, groom, wedding party, moms, dads, elderly relatives, teen relatives and even their hipster cousins want to hear.

That’s a lot of people to please!

But any wedding band worth its salt can do it with ease.  A good wedding band is a living jukebox.  It should have a worthy command of a wide variety of genres, reaching back in time over decades.

Everyone at your wedding reception has a favorite.  If grandma wants to hear something from Old Blue Eyes, she should be able to hear it.  If your beardy cousin, Seth, wants to hear The Killers – same thing.

Your wedding band should not reflect just your taste.  As a matter of hospitality and consideration for your eclectic cast of characters, everyone should hear something that makes them want to get up and dance.

Get to know your bandleader.

The bandleader is your pipeline to the kind of set list you’d like to have.  Communicating effectively with your bandleader ensures that the music you want to hear is part of the night’s festivities.

Remember that this is a person who understands what wedding guests expect.  Every single week, your bandleader is out there bringing the noise to weddings near and far.  That kind of experience is not to be taken lightly.  So, feel free to make your special requests.  You’ll probably find they’re already on the set list.

Your bandleader is your best wedding reception buddy.  This is your night’s musical director, with your enjoyment and satisfaction front of mind.

Something for everyone.

You have a vision for your wedding, but you also have relatives and friends who have songs in their heads that they connect directly to you.  A band with a strong command of a variety of musical genres and the music of several decades creates an inclusive experience.

A good bandleader will find the right balance, ensuring the music features something for everyone and keeps the dance floor pumping.

CTO brings the good kind of noise.

CTO Artists has been bringing wedding receptions exceptional entertainment since 1987.  From Philadelphia, to California, to Florida and even the Caribbean, CTO is a premium source for the best in quality musical entertainment for your wedding.

Our artists are selected for their talent, stage presence and professionalism.  We know a lot of people say that, but at CTO we put our money where our mouths are, with a twice monthly live showcase of our bands.

If you want to keep your wedding current, contact us for premium live entertainment.