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Matching Your Music Style to Your Wedding Theme

You’re getting married, so the two of you doubtless share much in common.  Sometimes, though, that delightful simpatico doesn’t extend to mutual music styles.

One of you may love reggaetón or dance hall, while the other is hooked on swing, or country.  What’s a happy couple to do?

You’re getting ready to collaborate on a shared life, so your wedding music is a good way to warm up.  If you can’t agree on a unifying style that suits you both, maybe it’s time to compromise, by matching your music style to your wedding theme.

Let’s review some of the peace-keeping options.

Where’s the reception?

We’re willing to bet you’ve put a lot of thought into your reception venue.  You’ve chosen it for certain attributes which play into the mood you’re trying to create.

Weave a spell by matching your wedding music to the mood and theme of your reception venue.

Have you booked an elegant event room at a local hotel?  Choose music that reflects the style of the room, by selecting smooth hits from a variety of decades.  Especially if your reception is a formal affair, you want the music to reflect that.

Destination wedding in a steamy tropical paradise?  Use that to guide your music selections.  It doesn’t all have to be tropically-derived, but it does need to honor the unique, romantic location, the swaying palms and the lush jungles around you.

Think high sensuality and maybe “Despacito” will make an appearance.

Choosing to compromise.

Maybe your wedding theme focuses on color selections for bridesmaid dresses and flowers.  That’s not a lot of fodder for matching your music style to your wedding theme.

When the wedding couple is deadlocked due to divergent musical tastes, perhaps the best way forward is negotiated compromise.

You both get a little of what you like and with the right bandleader, you’ll have the perfect mix of your favorites, shot through with wedding music all your guests can enjoy.

Sure, you want everyone to have a great time, but this is your big day and you’re the stars of the show.  Compromise to make room for what both of you like.  You’re going to be doing that for the rest of your lives, so best to start with the wedding music.

Get cultural.

Your wedding is the latest chapter in the stories of two families.  Those families have unique histories and cultures.  Honoring them with your wedding music also honors the current trend toward more cultural content at weddings, generally.

Including music from the lands your ancestors hailed from is one way to tip your hats to tradition and make your families proud.  Remember, the weight of your dual family histories is on your shoulders.  Getting cultural reminds you where you came from and lets your families know you haven’t forgotten.

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