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A New York style reception with CTO Artists

A New York style reception with CTO Artists.

When you think of New York, what’s the first word that comes to mind?

Excitement? Action? Sparkle? Dazzle?

It could be any one of those.  But your wedding can feature them all, with live entertainment from CTO Artists.  The band is only part of making a New York style reception with CTO one your guests will talk about for years.

All out dance party.

As your guests start pouring in the front door, the band will be playing.  This sets the tone for an evening of dancing and celebration.  As people settle into their places, they’re entertained and the mood is festive and buoyant.  At CTO, that’s our aim – to bring you star-quality music that fills the room with life and an amazing atmosphere.

Once the wedding party’s ready to enter the room, the crowd’s primed to roar its approval and dance you into the first night of your married life.

Keeping the party going.

Everyone’s heard of the Best Man who spoke for way too long, or the endlessly sentimental slide shows of the Bride’s life.  Your goal is to make this occasion a party that doesn’t end until the last guest leaves.

That means keeping the formalities at the front of the party.  Then, it’s time to get down to the sweet sounds of CTO’s outstanding live music performers.

Between courses, there’s no dead air and no canned music.  You go full live with CTO, so your guests are entertained from start to finish.

If they’re not eating, they’re dancing.  Make sure to leave a little window after the coffee’s been served to thank your guests for coming, or to throw the bouquet.  This brings guests who may have been having a breather outside back into the reception facility.

Once you’re done, the band strikes up again, bringing the tunes until it’s time to go home.

Celebrate New York style.

New York-style receptions are widely-celebrated social occasions that don’t leave a chance for boredom to set in.  Your family and friends will want to stay until the closing notes of the final song, with a wedding reception featuring a CTO Artists band.

CTO’s star-studded lineup of professional artists is a cut above.  We’re not your average wedding band outfit.  Our artists are exclusive and of the highest musical quality.  They’ll get your reception started right and then, keep it going with contemporary hits and classic favorites to keep the dance floor packed.

Since 1987.

CTO Artists has been planning and flawlessly executing events entertainment since 1987.  With over 10,000 events under our belts, we’re one of the most called upon entertainment providers on the East Coast.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, you’ll find our artists at events as far away as California, Florida and even the Caribbean.  Our artists are selected for their musical talent, so you’ll get only the very best to keep your guests moving and grooving, all night long.

Experience CTO quality at one of our live showcase events held twice monthly.  Contact us for a New York style reception!