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What To Expect At A Live Wedding Band Showcase


While planning your wedding, you may have come across wedding band showcase live events. If you’ve never been to – or even heard of – a “band showcase” before, we’re here to explain everything you can expect!

What Is A Showcase? 

A showcase is an occasion to exhibit a live band or bands. This is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of your potential wedding band’s vocal range and musical talent. It’s a great idea for the engaged couple to attend along with event planners and any friends and/or family who have a role in the event decision-making. 

Check the entertainment company’s website to confirm the details, as new updates on show times and venue might be updated frequently. CTO’s upcoming showcases are updated on our homepage. 

During The Showcase

Upon arrival, you can anticipate one to several bands will perform and each individual band will play for about 15 minutes. However, don’t expect full length features of each tune. The bands will likely play a medley of songs to give attendees a peak of the band’s abilities and the variety of their song selection. The song changes should keep the show exciting and entertaining for attendees as well. 

After The Showcase

Once the show is over, plan to set aside some time to chat. Usually the whole band and a representative from the entertainment company will be available to answer questions.

You might want to focus on getting to know the band leader of your preferred band. CTO encourages couples to get the know the band leaders and establish a line of communication to ensure that you’re both on the same page for your wedding day. Not sure what questions to ask the band after the showcase? Check out our list of 25 questions to ask before choosing a wedding band for some inspiration.

If you are unable to attend a showcase in person, the next best thing is a video of a live performance. Ultimately, it is best to get a feel for how the band will sound live before making a decision. A wedding band showcase should help to clear up any questions and allow you to make an informed decision about who will perform at your wedding. Be prepared for a fun night of live music and to get one step closer to booking your dream wedding band!

Ready to tell us about your event or looking for more showcase information? Reach us here!