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Best Party Band in Philadelphia

Emily Smith, Owner of MLE Pictures

As a professional wedding photographer, we see hundreds of bands and DJs. Honestly, CTO Tribeca® is the best band that we have ever experienced at a wedding. Not only are they extremely talented, but they also played some of the hottest new music that most bands just can't perform. Everyone at the wedding was dancing the entire night and they asked for an encore. I will recommend to all future bride + grooms!

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Jarad Marx

We had CTO Tribeca for our wedding band on New Years Eve and couldn't have better things to say about them! They were a fantastic band, sounded great, interacted with our guests fantastically, and helped make it a night we'll never forget!

Meghan Graham

Great company and the band Tribeca was better than we could have ever expected. Highly recommend for any function, but if you are looking for a wedding band to blow your guests away definitely check out CTO Tribeca.

Christina Morelli

We are thrilled to have CTO Tribeca as our wedding band. I will add a review of the day after the wedding but have no doubt they will meet and exceed our expectations. Working with Angie and Carmen has been effortless! From our initial call to the showcase through contracting, they have been great partners. Angie really understands how to meet couple's needs and is extremely experienced in the market. I feel so lucky that leading up to our wedding day, I do not have a doubt about our band. The level of their performers is truly the best in class. Check out a showcase and see for yourself!

Elena Piperno

CTO Tribeca is amazing!! We had CTO Tribeca at our wedding, and they are absolutely incredible! They put on a non-stop show for the entire wedding, and never ever take breaks. We had a wedding with 300 guests and all of them were dancing all night long! The dance floor was packed from start to the last second, and that is because of Tribeca. There was barely any room left on the floor, and that is exactly what we wanted. They are the best wedding band in Philly! All of our guests have been calling and texting us to comment on how fantastic CTO was. Maylyn, the band leader, is so wonderful and great to work with. She helped us to plan everything perfectly. The entire process with CTO was very organized and easy - which is exactly what a bride needs. I can't thank CTO enough for the party they threw at our wedding! I can only hope I'll be a guest at a Tribeca wedding one day!! THANK YOU!

Famous Performances of CTO Tribeca® Party Band - CTO Tribeca’s most famous performance occurred when they opened for Bon Jovi, and the most notable venue they played in was Lincoln Financial Center for the Philadelphia Eagles!

Song List of CTO Tribeca® Party Band - CTO Tribeca’s song list includes diverse artists from the 40’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and of course contemporary musicians as well. Genres include pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, country, millennial, swing and more. Their range of vocals and instruments allows them to play every genre and make it their own!

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