CTO Park Central Dance Band Performance in Plainfield Country Club, NJ

CTO Park Central had an amazing evening at the Plainfield Country Club, a private country club and golf course in Edison, NJ. We played to celebrate the wedding of Stoian and Hanna Nedelchev! Our wedding planner Amanda Hudes’s attention to detail made it a pleasure to host the reception and we had a seamless flow throughout.

I was touched that the father of the bride took the time to mention so many people by name in his toast. Everyone felt loved and appreciated. He choked everyone up. I even needed a few seconds to compose myself, and I do this often. Even after he finished, he felt compelled to speak again later in the evening because it bothered him that he forgot to mention a few other people in his first speech. He was inspirational, and as a result, people on both sides of the new family gave many toasts. The London accents were great to hear. We found out that the Bride is a physician and won a world-class award for writing one of the best thesis’s statements.

The couple’s first dance was a classic – At Last (Etta James). At their request, everyone, wedding party, and guests joined them halfway through the song on the dance floor. Family members had arrived from London, Norway and other parts of the world. One guest even came in his native garb, looking like a Duke!

The cake cutting was memorable because they had a non-traditional towered cake that looked like a giant cinnamon roll. They encouraged family and friends to come up to the cake table and all tare off pieces of cake, even as they continued to dance. CTO Park Central kept people up and dancing, and the dance floor was packed the entire night! Congratulations to Stoian and Hanna!

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